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Talk Therapy Services

Learn about yourself in a comfortable environment where stressors can be discussed safely and confidentially.

What is Talk Therapy?

Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, is used to help individuals identify the issues that may be causing emotional distress. Often talk therapy serves as a time to safely discuss feelings brought on by a variety of stressors. A therapist can use talk therapy to help a client explore their experience while providing strategies and skills to minimize the level of distress being experienced.

Introducing the Body Into the Healing Process

Most people are familiar with talk therapy and its various modalities. While talk therapy is an essential aspect of personal healing and mental health, at Illuminate Clinical Therapy, I’ve found that many clients can sometimes struggle with talk therapy. They may find themselves feeling discouraged or stuck with the change process, when they are trying to overcome very ingrained behaviours, beliefs or patterns. What I have found, is it’s not until the physical body is brought into the process that true healing occurs.  This is why I have integrated Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) into my practice. ART brings the body into the process of healing to help achieve a more holistic response to therapy. ART sessions often allow clients to effectively move past blockages and overcome life issues.

ART and Movement

How Talk Therapy Plays a Role in Your Journey

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, also known as ART, is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy. An individual specializing in ART can help a client use eye movements to process out unwanted body sensations, thoughts, and emotions. This puts both the mind and body in a calmer state and allows for the ability to replace negative thoughts and feelings with new connections, patterns, and beliefs. However, before ART can truly be applied, a client must do at least three to five talk therapy sessions with me at Illuminate Clinical Therapy, making talk therapy an integral part of the healing process.

If you are ready to move beyond coping mechanisms to build on a healthy foundation of healing, let's talk.